Chow Shepherd

Country of Origin Unknown
Breed Group Mixed Breed
Breed Type Companion Dog, Watchdog, Guard Dog
Other Names German Shepherd Chow Mix
Coat Dense Harsh, Long, Thick
Color Brown,  Black Olive
Height 18- 26 inches
Weight 40-95 pounds (both Female and  Male)
Size Medium
With pets Moderate, when made them socialized
With other Dogs Moderate needs training
Good for children Moderate needs early socialization and better with older children
As family Pet Good With Early Socialization Training
For first-time owners No needs someone experienced in handling and training dog
Intelligence High
Barking Rare To Occasional
Hypoallergenic No
Behavioral Traits Stubborn, intelligent
Life Span 10-12 years
Grooming Requirements Moderate
Shedding Constant and Heavier During shedding season
Brushing Daily to remove mats and loose hairs
Ideal Brushes Unknown
Sensitivity(Touchiness) Moderate
Tolerant to Aloneness Moderate To Good
Tolerance to Heat Moderate to Good
Tolerance to Cold Very Good To Excellent
A Roamer Low
A Chaser good
Good for Apartment Dwelling Low
Exercise Needs High, she is energetic
Trainability Easy to train
Tendency to Obese Fairly High
Major Health problems  Eye problem, Bloat, DM, and EPI, Heart problem, OCD
Appetite Not known
Feeding Not Known
Puppy Price $250 -$750
Medical Expense $485-$600
Non-Medical Expense $920-$1000

Defined as designer dogs, some of the hybrid dogs created from pure breeds. With no real care or thought, some of the breed makers jumped into building a race and created a mixed race between the German shepherd (Germany) and Chow Chow of China. There is very little or no information about the origin of this mix.

Chow Shepherd

Just like Chow Chow, this chow shepherd remains aloof and with human attraction gets happier.  With for full of energy and loyal, this breed needs challenges mentally and physically. This dog has an independent side and stubborn personality. It safeguards the owner and family and caution around strangers.

This dog requires lots of open air space and can live happily with its owner. This mix breed needs a lot of running, as well as walking. They love chasing games, and they will not stop until its owner reaches to safety. They will play ball and get involved in a tug of war games. Jogging is very important for the dog.

There are few health problems like CHD, bloat, EPI, allergies, and dysplasia. These diseases mainly occur from the parents. They also suffer from flea allergies.