German Shepherd

Country of Origin Germany
Breed Group Purebred
Breed Type Watchdog, Guard Dog
Other Names GSD
Coat Medium to Long double coat, wiry, rough or smooth
Color Black, Golden, Brown, Tan
Height 1feet 10 inches to 2 feet 2 inches
Weight 75 to 95 pounds
Size Medium- Big
With pets Moderate
With other Dogs Moderate
Good for children Excellent
As family Pet Good
For first-time owners Medium
Intelligence Very High
Barking Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Behavioral Traits Intelligent, working dog
Life Span 10-14 years
Grooming Requirements Moderate
Shedding Moderate
Brushing Twice a week
Ideal Brushes Comb, Slicker Brush
Sensitivity(Touchiness) Very High
Tolerant to Aloneness Moderate (can suffer separation anxiety)
Tolerance to Heat Low to moderate
Tolerance to Cold Moderate to high
A Roamer Not Much
A Chaser Moderate
Good for Apartment Dwelling Low to Moderate
Exercise Needs Very High
Trainability Easy to train
Tendency to Obese No
Major Health problems Hip Dysplasia, Abdomen Swelling
Appetite Medium
Feeding 3 cups dry dog food
Puppy Price $1200-$1500
Medical Expense $800-$1000
Non-Medical Expense $500-$1000


German Shepherd comes from the family of herding dogs. In 1800s Captain Max von Stephanitz crossed different breeds from central and northern districts of Germany. The officer spent thirty-five years refining and promoting this breed, and now it is the most preferred dog for military and police units over the world. It became famous in the USA in the early 1900s and became very popular.

German Shepherd is one of the recognized breeds in America. It is an intelligent and working dog. It is known for its devotion and loyalty towards its master,it is also called as “one man” breed as they show serious fidelity towards its owner. They are brilliant and excel in everything they are trained. They are ideal watchdogs and inform their owner if they see any suspicious activity inside its territory. It loves to be with its owner. Hence, it is advisable to raise them in the household and also expose them to family activities.

Being an athletic breed, it requires heavy exercise for mental and physical stimulation. Without adequate training, they can develop destructive behaviors. Long walks with sufficient amount of play time will keep it contended.

It has a medium length double layer coat which is easy to maintain. Brushing its coat twice a week will remove all the dirt and keep their skin shiny and clean. During shedding time, it is advisable to brush frequently it will take out the loose hairs from the coat. Trim their nails when they overgrow and also clean their ears at regular intervals to prevent ear infection.

Most of the pets are healthy, but few suffer from significant health problems that can be life-threatening, and owners must learn the symptoms to treat them at an early stage.

Major Problems

  • Elbow and Hip Dysplasia
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Bloating
  • Abdomen Swelling

Occasional Tests

  • Hip Evaluation
  • Complete Body Checkup
  • Blood Tests

However, random Veterinarian visit will keep the pet happy.

Early training is crucial for this pet with proper socialization and obedience training. It is brilliant and also an exceptional worker. Training sessions with treats and praises will be more effective.

High Quality food is ideal for this energetic breed. Three cups of dry dog food or homemade food rich in protein and nutrients will keep up with its energy level. Divide the meals into two halves for better digestion.