Country of Origin USA
Breed Group CrossBreed
Breed Type Watch Dog, Working dog
Other Names Unknown
Coat Short to Medium Length, silky and smooth
Color Brown, cream, yellow, tan, sable
Height  21 to 29 inches
Weight 70 to 80 pounds
Size Big
With pets Good to very good with socialization
With other Dogs Moderate – Again socialization is needed
Good for children Moderate ( With early socialization)
As family Pet Good
For first-time owners Good to very good
Intelligence Good
Barking Rare
Hypoallergenic No
Behavioral Traits Moderate
Life Span 13-15 years
Grooming Requirements Moderate to high
Shedding Moderate plus seasonal shedding
Brushing Daily
Ideal Brushes Comb
Sensitivity(Touchiness) Very sensitive
Tolerant to Aloneness Low to Moderate
Tolerance to Heat Good to very good
Tolerance to Cold Very good
A Roamer Low
A Chaser Good
Good for Apartment Dwelling No, needs room
Exercise Needs High
Trainability Very easy to train
Tendency to Obese Moderate
Major Health problems  Exocrine, pancreatic insufficiency, bloat, OCD, Epilepsy
Appetite High-quality dry food
Feeding 3- 4 cups
Puppy Price $475 -$950
Medical Expense $485-$600
Non-Medical Expense $500-$600


With the past 20 years, Border collie and German shepherd were mixed to form Shollie. But it is unfortunate that we don’t have any information about from whom and when the first crossbreed built. By looking at their parent breed, the German shepherd and Collie we can trace the history in a more close way.

Shollie Dog

With a height of 21 to 29 inches and with an average weight of between 70 and 80 pounds, this mix breed is one of the largest dogs. Though the tail isn’t like that German shepherd, these dogs look similar to them. With floppy ears and smooth and silky coat, this dog seems terrific at first glance.

These dogs are protective, energetic and very industrious. They are entertaining playful and fun loving with family. Seeking the attention of the family is one of the loving and affectionate sides of this dog. Training them is a bit difficult since it is stubborn.

They need to get plenty of activity since these dogs are very energetic. Make them run and play, a yard or big playing area is required. They don’t fit in apartments. Jogging is essential for them. To see that they get mentally challenged and engaged, plenty of tricks and games are the order of the day.

They are moderate shedders, with seasonal shedding. Brushing required at the time of massive shedding. Bath is given as per necessity since it can create an adverse effect on the skin’s natural oil. Teeth are brushed three times per week. A regular groomer should trim the nails. To stop the infection, cleaning of the ear is necessary.

The dog suffers from cataract, congenital deafness, epilepsy, chronic superficial keratitis, hip dysplasia and other diseases.


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