Shug Dog

Country of Origin USA
Breed Group CrossBreed
Breed Type Companion Dog,
Other Names Pughuahua
Coat Short Straight and even wiry
Color Brown,  Black, Cream, Tan
Height  Male 8 to 12 inches, Female 10- 12 inches
Weight Approximately 14 pounds
Size Small
With pets Very good
With other Dogs Low To Moderate Needs Socialization
Good for children Moderate – Needs socialization and being raised with children
As family Pet Good
For first-time owners Good to very good
Intelligence Good
Barking Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Behavioral Traits Moderate
Life Span 12-15 years
Grooming Requirements Moderate to moderate high
Shedding Moderate to moderate-heavy
Brushing Brush twice a week to daily depend on shedding
Ideal Brushes Unknown
Sensitivity(Touchiness) Some can be if more like Chihuahua
Tolerant to Aloneness Not  at all
Tolerance to Heat Low to Moderate
Tolerance to Cold Low
A Roamer Low
A Chaser Low
Good for Apartment Dwelling Good to very good, but training required
Exercise Needs Low to moderate
Trainability Moderate
Tendency to Obese Moderate to High
Major Health problems  Heart Problems, Patellar Luxation
Appetite High-quality commercial food
Feeding Not known
Puppy Price $450 -$700
Medical Expense $450-$550
Non-Medical Expense $550-$700


When the designers want to create an excellent quality of Pug and German shepherd, they developed Chug, which has the traits of both the breeds. With, broad chest and short muzzled snout just as a pug, the Shug originated. The ears are floppy, and it bears the striking resembles of a pug. The tail get curled at the back.

Just like its parents, this breed is intelligent and is happy, cheerful and friendly. It is an efficient watching, due to the traits which it inherited from the parents. This dog should be socialized, and they share a good rapport with the children. They don’t show much aggressiveness, but there is some amount of stubbornness in them.

shug dog

Walking is necessary for them since they have an active nature. They require sufficient play time. There should be no over exercise since it can cause heart trouble for them. They possess a habit of digging fences, just like the German shepherd. With an adequate number of toys, they will do well in the apartment. It will keep them busy in a big way.

The need for the grooming is low since they shed less. For removal of extra hair, weekly brushing is the key. On a weekly basis, whipping of eyes and ears with moist cotton buds are required. Cleaning of nails and brushing of teeth is done to maintain proper hygiene.

It is accessible to basic training, due to its inherent intelligence. But to tackle the strong-willed nature tactfully, it requires a firm master.

With a nutritious homemade diet, high-quality dry dog food is the need. Checking of nutrition is necessary to check obesity.


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